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About Us

Lily Lotus is an eco-friendly boutique yoga lifestyle company. Our universally uplifting designs, tie dyes and comfortable natural fabrics support a lifestyle of mindful movement and positivity. Easy-to-wear and form-flattering silhouettes flow seamlessly between yoga, life, travel and leisure.

Our organic cotton activewear offers a natural and sustainable alternative to synthetic performance fabrics. Soft and breathable, biodegradable and organically grown, natural cotton is healthier for our bodies and the Earth.

Seasonal collections are produced in limited batches with a unique color story and signature wash and never repeated again. Each garment in our tie dye collections are individually dyed by hand, making every piece unique.

Founded in 2001, Lily Lotus is now sold in premier studios, resorts, luxury spas and select boutiques worldwide. We are based in Honolulu, Hawaii where the rich natural beauty of the islands are a daily inspiration to our creativity and sustainability. 

Momi Chee
Creator, Founder and Chief Executive Optimist

Introduced to Ashtanga by her mother in 2001, Momi began her lifelong journey into yoga. Using her creative arts background with a new found passion for yoga, she began creating simple yoga themed graphic shirts. Over the next decade these simple tees grew into a full line of cut and sew garments and a thriving brand. In 2014, seeing a market saturated in synthetic yogawear, Momi decided to refocus the brand's mission and pursue an eco-conscious platform in order to continue bringing value to the growing community of mindful consumers. Momi continues to design and lead the creative vision of Lily Lotus.